Welcome to Iskra Design! Here you will find portfolios of lettering art in many styles, arranged to invite your browsing. I create custom hand lettering, handwriting and calligraphy for advertising, editorial design, book covers and packaging. The work on this site is unique lettering design created for specific clients or portfolio projects: it is not fonts. Read here about the difference between fonts and custom lettering.

In these portfolios of my work I have created an in-depth resource for the person seeking unique expression through letterforms. You will find collections gathered here by style and by application. The Project category is where you will see lettering and calligraphy applied in print or other media. Some categories overlap, so you may find portfolios repeated in a few places. My newest work usually is posted on my blog, Alphabet Roadtrip.

Please take a look around my world. I hope you will find inspiration for your next project here. Give me a call and let’s talk. I’d love to see how we can work together to make something beautiful!

Alphabet Roadtrip the blog of Iskra Design