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Some of my favorite people working in design, fine art and illustration.

David Owen Hastings layered monoprint collage

James Steinberg editorial illustration: you see his work in every major magazine...but check out his sketchbooks!

Hal Mayforth humorous line, glyphic fine art, a great combination of laughs and soul

Leslie Newman full service design and illustration in bold flat color

Paula Gill/Redstep Studio always something new in tile design

Karen Johnson graphic design and photo illustration

Jere Smith neocompostmodernart: I can't explain, you gotta go there

Obadinah multi-style illustration for books, advertising, and licensing

Jennifer Carrasco master muralist, poet, renowned cook, and one of the most charming people you will ever meet

Mitchell Albala moody landscapes, full service web design

Joseph Daniel Fiedler what can I say? they call him scary joey... is it his technique? or the way he thinks?

Sandy Haight brush and watercolor, exuberant figures

Quincy Anderson paintings you'll fall into... mesmerizing mysteries of layered texture and color

Steven MacFarlane gestural monoprint, expressive figurative work...and he can really draw

Barbara Fugate intense! life drawing, portraits, and astonishing, transformative drawing workshops

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