Handwriting in Brochure Design: 20 Questions

Handwriting incorporated into contemporary brochure design

Handwriting quotation in brochurehandwritten quotation in brochure design

calligraphy quotation in brochure design


Handwriting in brochure design: Seattle Study Club National Symposium

This program for a dentistry conference takes what could be very dry material and turns it into a daring design statement. Using only black and white, fine heavyweight paper, and expressive handwriting, the project is designed around quotations about the process of questioning itself, and the familiar motif of “20 Questions.”

I was given a great deal of freedom to come up with a style. The giraffe character, which I drew at the end, in some ways animated the entire look of the letterforms. The end of conference gala was held at a safari encampment whose resident giraffe, Coulter, presided over closing events. His benign and quirky gaze, with the embellished and heart-melting eyelashes (really—he looks just like this!) is reflected in the unorthodox blend of calligraphy and handwriting used for the style of text.

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