Historical Lettering for Book Covers

Hand lettering and Calligraphy for book title design

Bok cover portfolio showing historical calligraphy and lettering design


Handlettering and calligraphy in historical styles used on book covers


historical hand lettering and calligraphy styles for title design of book covers

Historical styles of lettering and calligraphy are created with traditional tools such as metal nibs, quills and edged pens. When a book cover design needs to convey a particular historical era custom calligraphy or hand lettering is often the best choice. The title and author design may serve as a logo for the author or series, and must be carefully coordinated. The style of illustration or photography also has an influence on how the title design takes shape, and ornamental motifs may be echoed between the elements. This collection includes styles based on the writing on the U.S. Constitution, classic edged pen calligraphy, handwriting styled from old maritime logs and hand-drawn typography.

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