Lettering Design for Packaging 2

Lettering & Calligraphy in Packaging Design
calligraphy logo for Hilary Duff perfume

This collection of packaging designs shows custom typographic logos for coffee, perfume, wine, beverages and various projects for Latin American food brands. I have also included some brand explorations to give a glimpse into the identity design process. Above is one of my favorite projects, a perfume design for Hilary Duff. We went through many variations of the script to come up with just the right touch. The formal treatment of her name sets off the brand name and balances the ornate borders.

calligraphy for wine labels

Lettering Design custom logos for packaging, coffee packaging

Calligraphy for Packaging, including Martini & Rossi and FreshBakes logo process

Calligraphy for Packaging, including Martini & Rossi and FreshBakes logo process

custom brand lettering for latin american packaginghand lettered logo for packagingcalligraphy logo design for clairol citrus liftcalligraphy designed for wine and perfume packaging

I work with design firms and directly with companies to create brandmarks for products including food and beverage, cosmetics, health, beauty and fashion. The styles can range from expressive script to custom typography. This collection shows final application of logos as well as some selections of development work. A custom brandmark may go through many iterations and revisions before it is finalized. The concepts are usually created in ink and emailed as mid-resolution tif or jpeg; the final is sent as vector art or as high resolution tif when the lines are textural or very fine. The process is a blend of typographic exactness and freely done hand lettering or calligraphy, refined in collaboration with the design team. I work with clients all over the world, and enjoy the interpretive challenges of designing letterforms that will speak equally well across international boundaries.

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