Organica Illustration Collection

An organic line art style created with brush and pen

Uncle Sam goes to the Parade, organica brush illustration style

“Organica” is the name I have given to a quirky style of line illustration that has an edge. I create these images with brush or pen and rough paper. They are used as spot illustrations, logos, and product identity. When I use color it is usually applied in Photoshop for flexibility in editing. This fellow above is one of my favorite characters. This is Uncle Sam, and he loves the Fourth of July above all holidays. This year he is leaning pink, perhaps because of the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding marriage, happiness and love . . . . . .


4th of July spot illustrations

Illustrations in celebration of the 4th of July. Croquil pen and ink.



Foog icons in organic line style

Brochure illustrations for the Melini Honors


Orgainicaline art illustration with an organic edge

Organic line art illustrations for logos, packaging and books.


An illustrated guide to sources of inspiration

An illustrated guide to sources of inspiration


iconic logo illustration for plastic surgeon

Iconic face logo for a plastic surgeon


Iconic illustration of a mermaid

“Organica” is a style of line illustration that evolves out of working with ink on rough paper. I may use brushes or pens, ink or paint. The images have a unique hand-made quality that is a great contrast to the hard-edged vector art so prevalent in online application. I do many versions, experimenting with different papers and tools to get just the right line quality. This style can be converted to vector if needed or used as a jpeg or gif for online reproduction.

All artwork © Iskra Design.

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