Words + Pictures: Calligrams

Lettering become images. A blend of illustrationm handwriting and calligraphy.
Doubt Sandwich quote by Amy Sillman, expressive calligraphy by Iskra

A favorite quote by Amy Sillman. Personal work.


Art With Heart Journal page

Art with Heart “Oodles of Doodles” journal inspiration page.

Cover illustration concepts, woman made of letters

Book cover illustration concepts, for Simon & Schuster.

Bernhardt Sofa in calligraphy illustration

The Bernhardt Sofa campaign, a series of print advertisements.


Sunsilk Puerto Rico calligraphy advertisement

Sunsilk Puerto Rico Illustrated faces with personalities in text.

Christmas tree made of words by Iskra Johnson

Expressive calligraphy in the shape of a tree.

Woman within bra calligraphy

Campaign identity for Woman Within.

Wine is life wine bottle in calligraphy by Iskra Johnson

Holiday card for Ferrari-Carano winery.

Campaign identity for Publix Grocery: heart and words

Heart calligram for Publix Groceries campaign.

Calligraphy in the shape of a tree

Concept development, tree calligram. With and without hidden Mickey Mouse ears….

tulip illustration


Words & Pictures: Calligrams

When words merge with the shape of an image it is called a calligram. In a calligram I design the text to become the object. Very tricky. The challenge is always to keep some integrity to the letters while they bend and twist to form a shape. Calligrams can be traditional and elegant, created with delicate calligraphic forms, or they can go wild and expressive. They can stand alone, created entirely with letters, or collaborate with photographic elements or illustrative lines. Done with bold or expressively ornate flourishes they refer back to the tattoo tradition, and have an edgy but retro feeling that makes a very personal statement.

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