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About Alphabet Roadtrip

Welcome to Alphabet Roadtrip, the blog of Iskra Design. Alphabet Roadtrip is a hybrid of design and fine art. Here you will find my newest work in design and lettering, process notes, and writing on the subjects of design and visual culture. To see my work please visit the portfolios in the navigation menu above. If you are already a fan of Alphabet Roadtrip you may have saved links from my old website. This is the NEW(!) site. Please do update your bookmarks so we don’t lose touch.


August in the Studio

Brush flowerPainting

© Iskra Design

One must be careful to dodge hummingbirds when using cadmium red…. I’m rolling up my brushes, packing my paints, and heading into the field.

Happy last days of summer!

Signs I Like

The Union Street Post Office Barbershop, Seattle, somewhere in the last century


This picture was taken approximately thirty years ago, with an old camera and lots of specks on the lens for that unretouched vintage look. This sign has an artless beauty  that could make a professional sign painter cringe. But it does a poet’s heart good. Are there two barbers in this shop? Or is the shop open to barbers…..and if so can you imagine the scene, all the barbers snipping away at each other and lathering each others’ chins to shave the old fashioned way with razors sharpened on a strop.

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