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Embroidered Baseball Lettering and A Nautical Old World Pen Style

I recently received two interesting samples of book covers from art director and designer Jesse Reyes. I love working on diverse projects with wildly different briefs. For Fantasyland I channeled my inner baseball fan into a vintage style that was intended purely as a vehicle for embroidery. For The War for All the Oceans it was a matter of stepping back and nearly vanishing into a style that, while entirely custom, would look like old type or titling from centuries past.

Detail of original lettering and embroidered art: FanstasyEmbroideredHandLettering
Actual Cover, lettering by Iskra Johnson, Design by Jesse Reyes:


(Below) This was not the version used, and I had not seen it before. I love the very dry feeling of this design, as though you found it in the private library of an estate. Title, pen lettering done on rough paper, the rest of the copy is typeset.