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Forget Me Not: A Little Spring Piece Illustrated with Ballpoint Pen

One of favorite drawing tools is the ballpoint pen. Here are two examples of this technique from my sketchbook. "Rosary" is scanned directly and unaltered. "Forgetmenot" has been reversed and colorized.

Illustrated Lettering, "Forgetmenot" © Iskra Johnson

Illustrated Lettering, "Infinity Rosary" © Iskra Johnson

What I love about this technique is its slow meditative quality. And there is no lovelier blue than ballpoint pen ink. I do wish it was archival. If anyone has found a true archival pen please let me know. I have tried all the surrogates, I must have every fine point marker ever made, and they just don't work the same as the ballpoint, with it's little burr of ink and the way it responds to gradual pressure and building up values.

Here's to the inspiration of the garden, where you can find every letter if you look hard enough!