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Ice Cream I Scream


From Aaron Zube, friend and collaborator in San Francisco. A universal symbol set that carries its message effectively in large, medium and small. I just want to know why there are no double scoops. Since San Francisco is experiencing winter fogs and clammy temperatures, this image sequence may have been utilized as part of a shamanistic ritual to reinstall the sun. Trade you Seattle's 101 degrees for whatever wistful autumnal breezes you've got down there!

Tonight someone set fire to an island in the middle of a little lake that the fire engines can't get to  and as far as the eye can see the sky is filled with pink smoke. I found out the cause of the fire while having a jamocha ice cream cone at Baskin & Robbins…. For new prints on the theme of The Ice Cream Man, or "meditations on desire," see new work at Iskra Fine Art.