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New Brush Lettering Portfolio

Beautiful brush script portfolio by Iskra Design

Brush lettering is a process, spontaneous, and alive. You can’t be afraid to make mistakes. Practice makes perfect.

If you are looking for a unique style of lettering for a logo or other project it can be helpful to know how the work is made, because the tool influences the character of the letters. Some of my portfolios mix styles in sets that show work for particular uses, like packaging or greeting cards. The latest addition to my portfolios is pure brush lettering, to give a clear idea of how that technique is distinct from others. Here are a few samples. You can visit the complete portfolio here.


Fresstyle brush calligraphy "My Brother"

Freestyle brush lettering influenced by graffiti.

Brush Script design for packaging

Direct brush script with texture. Spontaneous and un-retouched.

"Take Back the Night" brush lettering by Iskra

Bold brush lettering with an added background.

And lastly, there’s the irresistible drama of how human beings try to communicate in our technological age. Perhaps you know someone who can relate to this:


"Remember me? I'm the girl..." Casual brush script lettering by Iskra

“Remember me?”


New brush lettering portfolio, © Iskra Design